Sunday, 26 September 2010


Trying out different styles of art again for the 'Museum of Me' project..

Aquarius in the making

Using stumble again I came across this website ( with all the zodiac signs. I've decided to attempt my star sign in my 'Museum of Me', in which the brief says "your sketchbook is a laboratory and not a place for ‘finished’ art." So this is the piece so far; its taken a very long time so I think I'll leave this piece unfinished.. for now.

Museum of Me

This project is one I am doing despite the course at Camberwell. We were all given sketch books to do whatever we wanted in it for a few months, and I've started with a piece influenced by Rob Ryan..

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sidewalk chalk guy

My boyfriend recently installed 'Stumble' for me, a button at the top of your internet browser that shuffles and shows you random internet sites or youtube videos. The first site that came up was, and I actually found it amazing! I strongly recommend installing stumble as you come across very interesting sites!


Saturday, 11 September 2010

Saatchi Gallery

We had an opportunity to go view a new exhibition at the Saatchi gallery in Slone Square. I really enjoyed this gallery as there was a large range of art work and artists. The photos below are a few of my favourites, by several artists including Alastair Mackinven and Hurvin Anderson.

Hannah Barry

Our first gallery to visit was Hannah Barry's collection in Peckham. It's an open roofed exhibition on top of an old car park. The sculptures were modern art and quite interesting to view.

Camberwell Festival

Just began Camberwell last week, our first brief was to form a band and construct instruments out of scrap material. Our group decided to be a little different and created music using balloons. Each balloon was filled with different objects ranging from nuts to batteries and beads to rice! These made interesting sound as they ricocheted off other balloons and onto the floor.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Slades in Turkey!

After coming back from our girl's holiday, I flew back to the lovely land of Turkey with my family. We spent an amazing two weeks there in the hot sun dancing, drinking, sight-seeing and even water-sporting! I miss it already!