Saturday, 19 November 2011

Occupy Bristol

One of our projects for communicating with images was 'sense of place'. We were all given a location, and then had to represent it in 3 images at 3 different times of the day. My location was College Green, and when the brief was set, it was when the protests began all over the country. I started to photograph the Occupy Bristol protests and used these for my project.

7 words

After our life drawing session, we had to choose a drawing we preferred and draw it 7 times representing different words. The words were; Happiness, Despair, Isolation, Confusion, Celebration, Order and Pride.

Life Drawing

We had a chance to do some life drawing at uni. We had to pass our books around every minute and draw ontop of someone else's work, which actually turned out to be a really interesting set of drawings on our pages. We then were given tasks to draw the models in timed sections, until we eventually had to draw the model in 2 seconds! It was a really fun activity and helped me to be less careful and picky with my drawings.


I started to play around with my typeface, and think into ways of how I can represent it in my type specimen booklet/poster. I tried mono-printing it, which was quite difficult as I has to re-arrange my font so it was reversed.. and tired really hard not to lean on the paper whilst mono-printing the intricate detail inside! I also designed a quick poster, showing how the letters work together when in sentences and laid out.

Finished Fontstruct

After alot of working with fontstruct, I finally finished my reflection typeface!